Kate McNeil in Escape Clause

In 1996, Kate McNeil was one of the stars of Escape Clause. The film originally premiered on the Showtime cable network and was helmed by famed Australian cult movie director Brian Trenchard-Smith.

Kate McNeil only appears in the first 30 minutes or so of Escape Clause. She goes missing and eventually we find that she has been brutally murdered. Andrew McCarthy plays her husband in the film and he spends the bulk of the movie trying to figure out who killed her (meanwhile the audience is left to wonder if maybe he killed Kate McNeil's character). Paul Sorvino plays the detective on the case and Connie Britton plays Kate McNeil's longtime friend. Escape Clause unfolds as a whodunit with every character as a suspect in Kate McNeil's character's murder. If you are a fan of Kate McNeil, you may also wish to know that she has two (somewhat graphic) sex scenes in the film and this fact alone may prompt you to watch it!

Here are a few images of Kate McNeil in Escape Clause:

Kate McNeil and Andrew McCarthy in bed

Kate McNeil...dead!