Kate McNeil in North and South Book II

In 1986, after appearing in the miniseries Kane & Abel the previous year, Kate McNeil was featured in another miniseries, North and South Book II. A civil was epic adapted from the novel Love and War by John Jakes, it was a continuation from the original North and South miniseries from 1985. Kate McNeil's character, Augusta Barclay, was not in the first North and South but was introduced in the sequel as the love interest of Charles Main (played by Lewis Smith). This is one of her best known roles and served to keep her TV visibility high in the 1980s.

Here are some pics of Kate McNeil in North and South Book II:

Kate McNeil on Murder, She Wrote (1993)

In 1988, Kate McNeil had appeared on an episode of Murder, She Wrote called 'Harbinger of Death' portraying Jessica Fletcher's (Angela Lansbury) niece. Five years later, Kate McNeil returned to do another episode of the show. This time she was not playing Jessica Fletcher's niece, but instead an employee at a software development company. The 1993 episode, entitled 'A Virtual Murder', is about a murder which takes place at a software studio which is producing a virtual reality murder mystery game. There are a number of other guest stars, including Phil Morris who had previously been Kate McNeil's co-star on WIOU.

Here are some images of Kate McNeil's second appearance on Murder, She Wrote:

Kate McNeil in Vital Signs

In 1986, between her featured roles on two miniseries, Kane & Abel and North and South Book II, Kate McNeil appeared as the wife of Gary Cole and the daughter-in-law of Ed Asner in the TV movie Vital Signs. Kate McNeil and Gary Cole would re-team four years later when she guest starred on a 1990 epsiode of Cole's Midnight Caller TV show.

Summary of Vital Signs from The Milwaukee Journal (July 31, 1988)

Promotional picture of Kate McNeil and Gary Cole for Vital Signs (1986)