Vital Signs 1986 newspaper clipping

Here's a press review of the 1986 TV movie Vital Signs, which featured Kate McNeil alongside stars Gary Cole and Ed Asner. The writer says a couple of negative things in the final paragraph but overall the article is mostly a straightforward summary of the movie.

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Clip of Kate McNeil in North and South Book II

Here's a clip of Kate McNeil in the 1986 miniseries North and South Book II. Kate McNeil portrays Augusta Barclay, a Southern woman who sneaks medicine and supplies to Confederate troops. In this scene she chats and later has a romantic interlude with Charles Main (played by Lewis Smith).

Clip of Kate McNeil in A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion

Between 1993 and 1997, Kate McNeil portrayed Janet Gilchrist in three TV movies based on the successful Waltons TV series. This clip shows Kate McNeil's very first scene in the first of the three movies, A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion.

Clip of Kate McNeil on Bodies of Evidence

Here's a clip of Kate McNeil from the very first episode of Bodies of Evidence. In this clip Detective Nora Houghton (Kate McNeil) revisits a murder scene and gets into the mind of a murderer.

Clip of Kate McNeil on Simon & Simon

Here's a clip of Kate McNeil guest starring in an episode of Simon & Simon in 1988. In this scene, Trish Van Alder (Kate McNeil) and A.J. Simon (Jameson Parker) spend some time together. Trish is the widow of one of A.J.'s old friends from college.

Clips of Kate McNeil on Midnight Caller

Here are two short clips of Kate McNeil and Gary Cole on Midnight Caller. The episode was called 'Planes' and it was originally broadcast in January 1990.

Clip of Kate McNeil in Beach House

Here's a clip of Kate McNeil (billed as Kathy McNeil) in her first movie, Beach House. A low-budget comedy released in 1982, the movie centers around two groups of young people, one from New York City and the other from Philadelphia, who have to share a beach house one summer. In this scene from Beach House, we see Kate McNeil looking young and beautiful in a bikini, chatting with a boy from Brooklyn named Anthony and getting suntan lotion rubbed on her back.

Clip of Kate McNeil on Designing Women

Kate McNeil made a brief but memorable guest appearance on the successful sitcom Designing Women in 1989. In this scene, Libby (Kate McNeil) has a chat with Charlene (Jean Smart).

Clip of Kate McNeil on WIOU

Kate McNeil was part of a large ensemble cast for WIOU, a TV show about the news department of a fictional television station. Unfortunately, the show was short-lived and lasted from 1990 to 1991 and was cancelled before all it's episodes aired. The other actors in this scene are Harris Yulin and Robin Gammell.